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Welcome to TRIBULATION; a 3D Hack n Slash roguelike set in a world of ancient Norse legend and Science Fiction.  You have arrived in the realm of Jotunheim; home to the Giants. Control the Norseman through the realm, where he is challenged to reach the Bifröst to advance further into the other realms of Norse cosmology. Can you survive the trials of Yggdrasil and reach the end, or die trying?

Charge Into Battle

Charge into the fray, with light and heavy attacks to deal massive damage to your foes. Use your combos to deal continuous blows, combined with ground slams and air swipes. As you explore the realm of Jotunheim, various items may appear that improves the Norseman melee abilities, as well as granting ranged attacks.

Collect Powerful Loot

The Norse realms are filled with magical and technological wonders, all useful when dealing with Yggdrasil's army.  Collect powerful augmentations that change how your melee and range function. Use Lightning to chain electrical attacks and shoot electrical rays. Use Fire to deal continuous flame damage and gain a powerful flamethrower attack. 

Less powerful loot such as passives can allow for faster running speed, greater health and greater weapon damage.

Active items can allow for special abilities, such as teleporting to a random room or showing the path towards the boss room! However these items need recharged after use, so use them wisely.

 Explore Jotunheim yourself to discover all the loot available!

Explore a Vast Realm

Jotunheim is populated with various enemies and unique room layouts, filled with traps, platforming and other obstacles. Each run generates a new layout for the Norse realm, so each playthrough will provide a different gameplay experience.

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TRIBULATION is still in early development, with new levels, enemies and mechanics being developed each week. Follow us on our social media to learn more about TRIBULATION and our development journey:

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